Sliding Scale Fees
I offer sliding scale fees for my lower income clients.  If you believe that you qualify for sliding scale, please ask me for my financial worksheet.  I will determine what reduction to my regular hourly rate I can provide.  Please understand that if you hire me as your attorney I will still require that you pay a retainer.  A reduced hourly rate simply means that your retainer will go further.

Military Discount


I offer a 5% discount on professional fees to members of the armed forces, whether active duty, retired, or disabled.


Flat Rate Legal Services


I do offer several flat rate services for my clients.  Flat rate legal services are not appropriate for all cases, but can be helpful if the parties just need help navigating the court system, when there are few issues to be resolved and no major conflict between the parties as to the division of property and shared custody and visitation. 


The benefit of having an attorney draft your documents rather than a legal document preparer is that an attorney can draft legal agreements in addition to judicial council forms.  I can also represent one of the parties and help mitigate any perceived or actual imbalance of power between the parties. 


Please contact me if you are interested in flat rate legal services.  I will give you my honest opinion if I believe that flat rate services will work for you.  If your case involves complex legal issues, actual conflict that cannot be resolved through mediation, or multiple court hearings, then flat rate services are likely not appropriate, and will not save you money in the long run.


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