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                 I have worked in the Family Courts since 2007, first as a law student and later as a volunteer attorney. I also became a mediator and served in the Small Claims Court, resolving disputes between litigants before their hearings.  I offer a diverse range of discounted and flat-rate services to help people who are not wealthy have access to legal representation when they need it.  My philosophy of lawyering is to not amplify the conflict that inherently exists in family law cases, but to work as a strong but civil advocate for my client.  I provide information, but my clients make the ultimate decision about their case.

                 In 2017 I turned my practice to drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs and DROs), which are required to divide ERISA retirement plans held by private employers and unions, as well as state and local government retirement plans.  I am most often hired by family law attorneys or unrepresented parties as a neutral expert to do this work, although one side can also hire me as their expert to draft or review QDROs and DROs or to take the matter to litigation if needed.

                 In addition to QDRO work, I continue to offer consulting services to Family Law litigants who are in mediation and need a supprting legal advisor, or to parties who need limited family law legal serivces such as document preparation, or review of Marital Settlement Agreements and pre-nuptial agreements. 


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