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  Client Testimonials

Julie R.

"I had a very good experience working with Celeste on my divorce case and she really went to bat for me in getting the best possible outcome in my settlement with my very difficult ex-husband."

Amanda S.

"Celeste is absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. She listens to what I want & gives her advice/opinion without being too pushy like most lawyers would."

Prema S. 

"I got introduced to Celeste when my previous attorney transitioned to a different job. I love Celeste's thoroughness, professionalism and her responsiveness. She is very fair and straightforward in her dealings and at the same time compassionate - very rare to see these qualities in a lawyer. When I started my divorce process many people scared me on how intimidating, time and finance consuming this process is..While my divorce is not final yet, the process has been anything but that...Thank you Celeste."

Laura P.

"Celeste is savvy, compassionate and an extremely skilled family law attorney. I feel so fortunate to have found her!"

Stephanie H.

"Celeste was helpful, kind and hardworking. I would not have been able to handle things without her assistance and input."

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