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                                            Resources for Family Law Litigants

  • County Court websites provide online resources so that you can be aware of important deadlines, upcoming hearings, and find forms that you will be required to submit to the Court.


  • The California Family Code governs all family law proceedings and provides the standards for children's issues, property division, and support.


  • Kids' Turn is a wonderful organization that provides classes for kids and for parents. Kids can find some community and have a safe and supportive environment to discuss their changing family structure, and parents can learn how to effectively communicate even as they are going through a separation or divorce.


  • Often the stress that accompanies a divorce or separation can raise other emotional issues for parties.  Therapy can provide much needed support in addition to what your friends and family can give you.


  • If there is Domestic Violence in your relationship, there are resources to help you.  You can get a Court issued temporary restraining order effective almost immediately, including orders that the abuser stay away from your home, but if you feel that your life would be threatened even with this protection, then make sure that you and your children have a safe place to be. 

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